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Air Comfort Ltd – The Portable Heating and Air Conditioning Hire Specialists

Air Comfort Ltd was formed in September 2002 and  in 2013 was acquired by RSSAC Ltd, a local company providing refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and ventilation solutions to a wide range of customers, from the small shop or office, right through to local councils, the NHS and PLC’s.


With over 35 years of experience in the Air Conditioning and Heating Hire Industry, the Managing Director has carefully built his team and business to service most requirements with priorities being; customer service, good value and quality workmanship.


At Air Comfort we are proud to be the preferred supplier for Heating and Cooling equipment to all the larger Marquee and Tent Contractors in this part of the country.


We are pleased to be associated, by providing Cooling Hire and Heating Hire equipment, to many of the major events in the area, as well as many smaller functions.


We have a vast range of Heater Hire and Air Conditioning hire equipment, chosen, with our experience in the industry, to suit most applications including, Marquee and Temporary Structure Heating & Air Conditioning.


Although our main business interest is in the hire market, we are happy to discuss your requirements or with collaboration with our sister company source any piece of specialist equipment for purchase, whether you require portable or Split Air Conditioning / fully installed systems.


Located in Hereford we can easily service most parts of of the United Kingdom.


Please feel free to give our friendly and helpful team a ring for advice on Portable or fully installed cooling, heating or dehumidification requirements you may have. All quotations, advice and site surveys are free of charge.

Service & Maintenance

When purchasing equipment it is advisable to have your equipment thoroughly serviced at regular intervals. This will ensure that you comply with any health and safety issues arising from poorly maintained equipment.


We can offer after sales service and maintenance contracts on equipment supplied and not supplied by us.


Most fixed air conditioning systems offer a 3 to 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, provided that you take out a regular service and maintenance contract.


We suggest that you take out a service and maintenance contract to:

  • Validate the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Limit breakdown of equipment
  • Cleaner cycled air
  • Ensure equipment is working efficiently and economically
  • Lower running costs
  • Extend life of equipment
Every time any hired equipment is returned to our depot, we fully service and pat test prior to the unit going out on-hire again. We are able to provide on-site servicing and maintenance of equipment for long term hires.



Measure the area you wish to heat and use our online calculator. Or give us a call and we will be happy to work it out and advise you on the best solution.

Direct Fired Heaters are best suited to areas that require large volumes of warm air such as factories, warehouses and farm buildings. Although some insurance companies will not cover their usage due to an unguarded flame being present, and fumes can be a problem in poorly ventilated areas.


Indirect Fired Heaters are a little more sophisticated in their design. They can be sited outside, and via flexible ducting will deliver huge volumes of clean, dry fume free heat. Ideal for marquees, food preparation areas, shops, showrooms and factories.


Measure the area you wish to cool and use our online calculator. Or alternatively get in touch with us and we will be happy to work it out and advise you on the best solution.
This depends on a lot of factors such as size of area, number of doors and windows, number of people in the area, aspect of the room and machinery (computers etc). As a rough rule of thumb you will need approximately 130kw of cooling per square metre.
The Split Cooling Systems work in two parts. The internal part contains all of the refrigerant workings to cool the area and disposes of the heat via the external part. Even so, all air conditioning units must have access to the outside.


No, all doors and windows should be kept shut during the drying process. Additionally the temperature of the room should be maintained at 61ºc to enable to machine to work efficiently. Providing air movement with a fan can also help to speed up the drying process.

The only sure way is by checking with a damp meter, however, by checking and emptying the container on a regular basis you should see that the container is filling less and less until you are getting an acceptable level of moisture.
Typically, a small De-humidifier will use 0.5kw per hour, and a large De-humidifier will use approximately 1kw per hour. So it depends on how much you pay for your electricity.
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