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We can supply to your requirements for any Portable or Split Air Conditioning / Fully Installed Cooling, Heating or Dehumidification Hire units.

Who are Air Comfort Ltd?

Air Comfort Ltd is based in Hereford, Herefordshire.
We specialise in providing Portable Heating Hire & Portable Cooling Hire equipment to a wide range of clients Nationwide who require
Heater Hire and Air Conditioning Hire for
Marquees and Temporary Structures.

We can fulfill your requirements for any

Portable or Split Air Conditioning  / Fully Installed Cooling, Heating or De-humidification Hire units.

Got a question? Look at our FAQs to see if you can find the answer you’re looking for.

Please feel free to Get In Touch with our friendly team for advice on any requirements you may have. All quotations, advice and site surveys are free.

Temporary Buildings

Air Conditioning Services for All type of Temporary Structures

Canteens, Changing Rooms, Sports Halls, Schools, COVID Centres, Swimming Pools, Garages and more…


Portable Heat – where you need it & when you need it!
Our range of Portable heaters are ideal for a wide range of situations from heating Offices, Factories and Warehouses to Marquees and other Temporary Structures that need temporary heat.


For when things start to get a little too warm.

Our range of Portable Coolers are ideal for a wide range of situations from extra help in cooling Offices, Warehouses and Factories to Temporary Structures like Marquees and other larger venues which need temporary cooling in the summer.


For when things need drying out!
Our range of Portable Dehumidifiers can get you over awkward situations and help you you’re your business running when you’ve experienced unforeseen water problems like flooding from a leaking roof.
Very good efficient service

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